Payment Activity

Only payments made while you were logged in are listed in Payment Activity.

This page lets you see where submitted payments are in the payment process.

  1. Sign in.

  2. Your My Account page opens.

  3. Click the View Payment Activity button.

    Click the View Payment Activity button to see your payments
  4. Your Payment Activity page has four tabs. The number of payments in a tab is in parentheses.

    Payment made while logged in are listed under the tabs
    • All - lists all payments you made while logged in (completed, rejected, pending). Payments made when you were not logged in are not listed.

    • Completed - list payments that have been successfully settled and charged to your account, and any payments you canceled before they were settled.

    • Rejected - lists payments that were rejected by your bank or credit card company. The agency being paid did not receive your payment.

    • Pending - lists payments not yet sent by to the bank or credit card processor. The list can include your next scheduled automatic recurring payment.


  1. View Details - click to see details about your payment.

    • Tracking ID - use this number to identify your payment if you need information from the agency or

    • Payment Method - how you paid, such as a credit card.

    • Frequency - how often this payment will be repeated, such as One Time or the number of scheduled automatic recurring payments.

    • Status - whether your payment has been processed and accepted.

    • Payment Name - what you paid for.

    • Transaction Date - the date and time you made the payment on

    • Amount - how much you paid.

    • Payment Date - the date the agency actually received your payment.

  2. View Receipt - click to view a copy of the receipt for the payment. Click a link at the bottom of the receipt to print it.

  3. Cancel - seen only in the Pending tab. Click to stop a payment before submits it for processing to the bank or credit card company. No payment to the agency will be made. The cancelled payment will be listed in the Completed tab with the Canceled Status.