Paying a Bill

Only bills listed under your My Bills Pending tab can be paid.

  1. Sign in.

  2. Follow the instructions in Viewing bills to find your bill summary.

    My Bills lists
  3. Select the bill to be paid. Bills needing to be paid have the status New.

  4. Click the View Bill button to view the bill details. You can then click the Next button to start the payment.


    Click the Pay Bill button to start the payment.

  5. Select the payment method (bank account or credit card, for example) and then fill in the required information on the payment pages that follow.

    Tip: Some agencies allow you to set up automatic recurring payments for their bills.

  6. Click the Review and Submit Payment button

  7. Make sure the information and payment amount is correct.

  8. To have a receipt sent to you, click the email button and enter your email address.

  9. You Must check the box for Authorize. If you do not authorize, the payment will not be made.

  10. Click the Continue button.

  11. Save or print the confirmation page. It is your temporary receipt.

  12. If the bill was added to your account (see Enrolling in electronic billing), the payment will be listed in the Payment Activity section of your My Account page.

    If the bill was opened and paid without signing in, no online record of the payment is available to you.