Correcting a Payment on

! DO NOT call Customer Support. They cannot correct your payment.

Tip: For refunds, see Refunds in the contents.

Payments you can correct

You can correct payments yourself only if

First, cancel the pending payment

  1. Sign In.

  2. Your My Account page opens.

  3. Click the View Payment Activity button.

    Click on the View Payment Activity button.
  4. Click the Pending tab.

    Click on the Pending tab.
  5. Find the payment.

  6. Click the Cancel link.

  7. Click OK to confirm canceling the payment.

  8. Your payment is removed from the Pending tab and added to the Completed tab. Its Transaction Status is changed to Canceled.

    Click on the Completed tab.

Second, make a new payment

  1. Click a payment link: Make a Payment, Common Payments or I Need To Pay.

  2. Make a new payment with the correct information.

If your payment is not listed in Pending

  1. Click the Completed tab.

  2. Find your payment.

  3. Write down the Transaction Date, Amount, and and Tracking ID.

  4. Contact the agency you paid for instructions.

If you were not signed in when paying

  1. The information needed is on the payment confirmation provided when you completed the payment.

    You should have saved it or had it emailed to you.

  2. Note the Transaction Date, Amount and Tracking ID.

  3. Contact the agency you paid for instructions.

Payments using PayPal, Dwolla, Amazon, or a similar service

  1. Find the payment information in the payment confirmation, in the Pending tab or in the Completed tab, depending on whether you were signed in and the payment status.

  2. Contact the agency you paid for instructions.