About Payments

Making a payment on is a lot like making any online purchase, but you must first choose the agency being paid and what you are paying for.

You can pay

You cannot pay

Payments you may be able to make

Tip: Click a link below to go to detailed instructions on the payment you need to make.

Single Payments — payments made once or only occasionally. Examples: Federal parking tickets.

Automatic Recurring Payments — some agencies allow scheduling automatic payments from your checking, savings or credit card account.

Payments Using Duplicated (Copied) Forms — for some payments, you can save the filled out form and reuse it for the next payment. You can change information, if needed. For your security, the separate payment page with your bank or credit card account number cannot be saved and reused.

Deferred Payments — some agencies allow you to set up a payment that will be charged to your bank or credit card account on a future date. If allowed, the option is on the payment page.

VA Medical Copayments — make occasional or regular medical payments. Other VA payments are under V in the Find An Agency list.

Small Business Administration 1201 Borrower Payments — make SBA Loan or FEMA Disaster Loan repayments. Click Find An Agency to see other SBA payments.

Bills — you will be notified by and the agency if you have a bill. You may be able to schedule regular payments.

Private Agency Payments — access to some payments is restricted. The agency being paid will set up a account and notify you. You must log in to make the payment.

Other Payments — find other payments by searching, clicking a link under I Need To Pay, Common Payments, or in the Find An Agency list.