Signing In to Make a Payment

Tip: You can duplicate (copy) and reuse VA Medical Copay forms used for previous payments.

  1. Sign In.

  2. On your My Account page, click MAKE A PAYMENT at the top of the page.

  3. Under Department of Veteran Affairs, click VA Medical Care Copayment.

  4. Click the Continue to the Form button.

  5. The Before You Begin page opens.

  6. Complete the form. Required fields are marked with and asterisk (*). Do not type in fields marked "for VA use only."

    You must include the space when typing your Statement Account Number, if includes one.

    Tip: Do not use special characters ($, %, &, etc.) or punctuation (. , : etc.). For example, do not use periods. Type PO for P.O. box numbers. Abbreviate streets as St (no period after the t).

  7. Click the Continue button.

  8. Complete the Payment page. Required information is marked by an asterisk (*).

  9. Choose a payment method. (For example, a checking account.)

  10. Click the Review and Submit Payment button.

  11. Review your payment.

  12. If you want to have a confirmation (receipt) emailed to you, click the box next to I would like to receive an email confirmation of this transaction. Then type in your email address and confirm it.

    Tip: To send the receipt to additional addresses, type the addresses in the CC: and separate them with commas (address1, address2, address3).

  13. Read the Authorization and Disclosure Statement.

  14. You MUST check I agree to the authorization and disclosure statement or the payment will not be accepted.

  15. Click the Submit Payment button.

  16. Save or print (Print Receipt link) the confirmation page. It is your receipt until your receive an emailed copy.