An Agency Created Your Account

Agencies can restrict access to some payments (Private Payments). Only customers the agency created an account for can see these payments.

  1. If an agency creates an account for you, you will receive a notice. The notice includes your assigned username. The username cannot be changed.

  2. Call Customer Support to request a temporary password. You must provide the username created by the agency. DO NOT email.

  3. Click Sign In at the top right of's home page.

  4. Type in your username and temporary password.

  5. Click the Sign In button. Do not click Create an account.

  6. The create an account page opens. Some information will already be filled in, including your username and password.

  7. Type in a new password and then type it in again in the Confirm Password field.

  8. Select or create a secret question and answer.

    This identifies you if you forget your password and need to create a new one.

  9. Select or create a shared challenge question and answer. This is shared with Customer Support and identifies you if call because of a problem with your account.

  10. Make sure all fields marked with an asterisk (*) are filled in.

  11. Read the Rules of Behavior near the bottom of the page.

  12. You MUST check I agree to the Rules of Behavior.

    You will not create an account if you do not agree.

    Rules of Behavior
  13. Click the Create an Account (Register) Account button.

  14. The Sign In page opens.

  15. Sign In to

Tip: You can use this account for any payment made on However, other agencies could create separate accounts for you for their private payments.