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Housing and Urban Development (HUD): Office of Housing

Monthly Report of Excess Rental Income- Section 236 Projects (Form HUD-93104)
To calculate and certify total net excess income due HUD for the current month (Form HUD-93104 must be submitted by 10th of the month following the month covering this report) Form Number: HUD 93104 | OMB Number: 2502-0086
Native American Loan Guarantee Fee
Form Number: HUD LGF
Native American Loan Guarantee Program Annual Mortgage Premium
Collection of Annual Premium Fee for Section 184 Form Number: HUD AMP
Native American Loan Guarantee Program Sales Proceeds
To return sales proceeds to the Native American Loan Guarantee Program Form Number: HUD Transmittal 184
Nehemiah HOGP Repayment
Please use this form to return funds to HUD. Form Number: Nehemiah HOGP Repayment
Request and Payment for Labels (Form HUD-301)
This form is used to order and pay for labels for Manufactured Housing. Form Number: HUD 301 | OMB Number: 2502-0233
Sections 235/236 Return of Funds
Please use this form to return funds to HUD. Form Number: 235/236 Return of Funds

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